Diamond Polishing Pads

60 years experience in diamond floor cleaning innovation, quality and reliability

Utilising the latest in Swiss Diamond Technology our diamond polishing pads allow you to achieve an astounding finish and level of appearance previously only available through expensive specialist contractors. Our diamond polishing pads allow you to clean and polish floors using existing equipment and staff during your regular cleaning routine. Allowing you to quickly clean, transform and polish your floors.

Our diamond polishing pads are incredibly versatile and can be used wet or dry with scrubber driers, high speed floor polishers, or even UHS burnishers above 200 rpm. The process does not increase the daily work time, or require expensive chemicals. Even dull, scratched and soiled floors can be brought back to life. Our diamond floor pads are designed to deliver 'high quality' cleaning on the most basic “walk behind” or “ride on” scrubber/dryer.

Our Diamond Polishing Pads frequently last longer than the competition by a factor of 2 to 1!



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